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Clients include MassDOT, municipalities and land developers.

Service Profile

  • Highway and local road design

  • Highway interchange design

  • Traffic signal design and roundabouts

  • Mitigation design and permitting for private developments

  • Multi-modal design for bicycles, pedestrians and transit access

  • Maintenance and protection of traffic design (during construction)

  • Construction inspection


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Roadway and Traffic Design
Barre, Massachusetts

Located at the confluence of State Route 32, 122 and 62, the Barre Common Traffic Improvements project successfully balanced the needs of traffic flow; pedestrian circulation and safety; bicycle accommodations and parking demand within a historic town center.  Design workshops, hearings and extensive outreach to individual property and business owners was conducted to gain consensus.  Improvements included changing two way traffic patterns on some roadway segments to one way to create a circulation pattern functionally equivalent to a roundabout, all while adding green space and maintaining the historic significance of the town common. Client: Town of Barre.


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Roadway Design and Construction Inspection

Berlin, Massachusetts

Design and construction inspection for roadway, traffic and streetscape improvements associated with the Riverbridge mixed use development.  Improvements included widening of River Road from two to four lanes, geometric improvements to two intersections, traffic calming measures, utility relocations, modifications to the existing Berlin Rotary and a new roundabout.  Streetscape and landscaping features were added to signify the roundabout as the entrance to the development and the South Berlin area. Client: Town of Berlin.


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Roadway, Intersection Design and Construction Inspection 
Wilmington, Massachusetts

Design and construction inspection for upgrades to Ballardville Street (Route 125) including the intersections with the commercial site driveway and the I-93 ramps.  Work included ramp widening, geometric improvements, a traffic signal system for the three intersections and the rehabilitation of a segment of Ballardville Street.  Client: Ron Muller and Associates.



Roadway Design

Royalston, MA

Route 32 had deteriorated for years due to poor drainage, frost heaves due to poor subgrade and heavy truck traffic.  Survey, base mapping and design was provided for this 6.5 mile project which consisted of pavement reclamation; minor widening; drainage improvements and modifications to the horizontal and vertical alignment in critical areas.  Public outreach included design workshops, public hearings and extensive meetings with individual property owners to work out design details and obtain drainage easements, which were all granted by donation.  Client: Town of Royalston.


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Intersection Design

Weymouth, Massachusetts

Geometric improvements to Washington Street (Route 18) and an existing commercial site drive to accommodate an exclusive southbound left turn lane and northbound right turn lane to and from the site.  Also included a new traffic signal system and State Highway Layout Alteration Plans.  Client: R. K. Associates.


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Roadway and Intersection Design

Framingham, Massachusetts

Widening of a segment of Winter Street including the bridge over MBTA/CSX railroad from two to four lanes.  Includes plans for two new signalized intersections and right-of-way acquisitions.  Client: MassDOT.  

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