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Dave Chappell  has an extensive and varied background with over 35 years of experience as an administrator, project manager and designer on multi-disciplined design projects including site developments, telecommunications facilities, urban streets, highways, traffic signals, bridges and design-build.

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In a short period of time, we have grown to a twenty-five person firm with strong capabilities in civil and structural engineering; survey and right-of-way; stormwater management; wireless telecommunications facilities and bridge and highway engineering. We have a full service office with the latest in survey, 3-D scanning and GPS equipment; design software and graphics abilities. Our rapid growth is directly attributable to the experience, reliability and reputation of the professionals who have joined our firm.


Our client base includes:

• State Agencies • Commercial Facilities •Wireless Telecommunications Carriers • Contractors • Municipalities • Industrial Firms • Land Developers • Architects • Utilities • Renewable Energy Integrators • Education Facilities • Engineering Firms


We strive to provide our clients with high quality service and create a working environment that fosters a positive attitude throughout our office. We believe that a talented staff working in stimulating, vigorous surroundings will naturally translate to providing a service of which we can be proud and result in happy, satisfied, clients.

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